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11-Jan-2018 11:14

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Keep dates in public for the first handful of times to look for any red flags, such as someone asking for money, having behavioral fluctuations, or pressuring you to meet alone.For site owners, they need to realize they have a certain level of responsibility for the legitimacy of the profiles on their site because members come there in good faith by trusting their brand.As mentioned earlier, online dating involves a certain level of risk and neither site members nor site owners can take out 100% of that risk.However, if both are doing their part consistently, the overall risk will drop dramatically.Therefore, to claim it is entirely up to its members to be safe is negligence on their part because it absolves them of taking any rightful ownership.Unfortunately, many site owners decide to intentionally ignore fake profiles because it helps their site look fuller and they know scammers will create more revenue for them by sending out numerous messages to other members. Therefore, the following guidelines are strongly recommended for site owners.

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However, I find that with a majority of single CBIC and CSIC, they are perusing and signing up for several websites that are not Christian/Biblically based ....

Next, set up a few video chats through Face Time or Skype to further discern their authenticity and your connection with them.

At this point, it's wise to ask for the full name and date of birth so you can run a background check on them to ensure there's no history of sexual misconduct or criminal background.

I know this is late in coming, but when doing a CBI, you may have to do it out of state or go to a higher level of checking like FBI CBI . I do agree that there needs to be a level of discernment and wisdom when involved in online dating, however, there are those believers who are desperate and with that desperation, it is not uncommon to not use common sense and become too pushy, assertive or even aggressive when looking for their besherth.

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I would highly encourage those who are divorced to attend a divorce recovery group in their area and work through what brought about the relationship end along with other issues dealing with personal thoughts, feelings, emotions.

Site owners should freeze every profile that is created so they can be manually reviewed before going live on their site.

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Here are two to live by: If he or she hasn't made you laugh or acknowledged you have a kid before you officially meet, a complex algorithm I've developed from years of personal experience has shown a high likelihood the date will be dull or your dude or dudette may be subconsciously distressed about the "family scene" (and is likely pretending you don't have one).… continue reading »

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