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23-Sep-2017 12:57

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But then she meets Graham (Jeff Roop), an attractive acupuncturist that she can’t help but feel physically drawn too.

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Since childhood, movies have been one of my best escapes, adventures, romances, and laughs. Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom premieres Saturday, May 31, at 8pm ET/PT.I am an on-air entertainment reporter/film critic for Irving Community Television (ICTN). It was the first movie I ever emotionally connected with and in general John Hughes’ work had a tendency to never let me down.That’s right people; Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is a more tamed, mature, TV approved version of 50 Shades of Grey (minus the bondage).

After Delaine (Ashley Jones) discovers her jerk of a husband, Robert (Scott Gibson), has been cheating on her she immediately blames herself, as does her husband.

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