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16-Jan-2018 21:50

There may not be enough love for “Downsizing” for Matt Damon to slip in here, or for “The Meyerowitz Stories” for Adam Sandler to do it.

Ansel Elgort would be a fine choice for “Baby Driver,” but the HFPA is said to have really loved “American Made,” and Tom Cruise would be a perfect off-the-wall Globes comedy nominee.

If two World War II movies aren’t one too many, “Darkest Hour” could join the list; if they are, “Blade Runner 2049” or “Three Billboards” could do it.

Always aware of the face they’re showing to the public on their yearly television show, Golden Globes voters may well be keen to keep any suspect figures away from the Beverly Hilton ballroom when the show takes place on Jan. If these predictions are correct, “The Shape of Water” will lead all films with six nominations, and “Big Little Lies” and “Will and Grace” will be the top TV nominees with five.

But with a relatively small group of voters who can have idiosyncratic tastes, surprises are all but inevitable.

-Steve Pond The Golden Globes have already had their category controversy this year, with a fair amount of outrage whipped up over the fact that Jordan Peele’s socially-conscious horror movie “Get Out” was submitted and accepted into the comedy categories.

But with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gearing up to announce its nominations on Monday, it’s time to stop worrying about who’s in what category and start thinking about who’s getting in and who’s getting left out.

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